AmbiLamp: Hardware
Solder the PCB


If you are working at the ECE Makerspace at UC San Diego, you must be trained and authorized in soldering. Follow the Makerspace training instructions here before proceeding.

It is time to solder the PCB! Watch the video to learn how to solder the SMD components, and for tips and tricks while Colin solders the board in the recommended order.

This diagram, paired with the the bill of materials below, tells you which component goes on each pad.

Component Placement

10KΩ_SMD-0805_1/8W-5% DigiKey 5 R7, R8, R9, R10, R11
1KΩ_SMD-0805_1/8W-5% DigiKey 3 R1, R3, R5
2KΩ_SMD-0805_1/8W-5% DigiKey 3 R2, R4, R6
MCP3008SO-16 DigiKey 1
0.1µF_SMD-805_50V-10% DigiKey 4 C1, C2, C4, C5

We demonstrate typical through-hole soldering. However, you may use the reflow soldering method if you are interested and have access to the resources.