AmbiLamp: CAD Lamp

Your AmbiLamp is done! Give it some time to gather data, set your configurations through the website, and put it on a shelf. You've integrated a homemade IoT system into your home.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the AmbiLamp, you should be able to...

Turn a Raspberry Pi into an Internet of Things device
Comfortably work in a Linux environment
Write Python scripts to read data from sensors on a Raspberry Pi
Use the Python requests library to interact with an API from your device
Schedule tasks to occur periodically and autonomously on a Raspberry Pi
Comfortably read and understand documentation for open source libraries and resources
Solder both through-hole and surface mount components
Design 3D models in SolidWorks

You have two options now: move on to the Nani module, where you will learn how to create your own Alexa, or skip to the conclusion - you've finished the mandatory scope of the project.