AmbiLamp: CAD Lamp
Prepare to CAD

In this section you will learn how to make 3D models in Solidworks by modeling the enclosure for your AmbiLamp. There are a few things you need to prepare before beginning.

You will ultimately cut out the enclosure and assemble it, thus completing the AmbiLamp. You will need access to a laser cutter - if you do not, then you should have a kit that provides these parts pre-cut. We highly encourage you to follow along in designing it anyway - the educational value is in the modeling and learning SolidWorks, not putting a box together!

01 Introduction, Download, & Installation of SolidWorks

You must have SolidWorks installed before beginning the tutorial. You must have a Windows computer - if you are on a Mac, you can set up a Windows partition using BootCamp and a free Windows 10 ISO image. We currently do not know of a way to run SolidWorks on a Linux computer; if you know, please contact us and we will add it! Linux users can always dual boot with a Windows partition as well, but we leave you to pursue that on your own (if your primary computer is a Linux, we trust that you're enough of a power user to figure it out ;) )

If you have never used SolidWorks or need a refresher, we have an Introduction to SolidWorks tutorial that we encourage you to follow. This tutorial will also get you started downloading and installing SolidWorks. Furthermore, this will get you equipped with the basics so that you can keep up with the pace of the SolidWorks content in this project.

02 Get Files

We provide a few files that you will use during the assembly portion of the tutorial. They are in the "mcad" folder of the project's GitHub repository - you should have already cloned or downloaded it while programming the sensor drivers, but if you haven't: Get it now.

03 Start

Watch the introduction video to launch SolidWorks and get started!