Web App: Basics

Prior to installing Semantic-UI (a tool that we will start working with in this video, soo by prior to, we mean right now), run npm install -g gulp. It is a build tool that Semantic-UI uses - you'll learn more in the video!

Upon installing Semantic-UI, npm may say that there are vulnerabilities and recommend that you run npm audit. This is due to some outdated libraries in Semantic's package.json, which has come up in the time since we recorded this tutorial, but does not affect our program and are not of concern. You do want to be sure that you go into package.json and remove the line for semantic in your dependencies. This is because Semantic's custom install script conflicts with some tools we will use later - we address it when we get there, but you can remove it now to put your mind at ease.

If Gulp fails to install, delete the gulp line from package.json and reinitialize the Gulp installation again.